SMO Services in Mumbai, India

SMO Services in Mumbai, India

Social media optimization is a powerful tool that helps in increasing awareness and publicity about a brand’s products/services. Besides SEO, SMO also leaves a positive impact on the web traffic. Gone are the days when there were just a few ways to obtain proper traction from your target audience. With the help of SMO, not only can you promote your brand effectively but also ensure that you are doing it the right way. This entirely depends on the kind of expertise you opt for. Once you have proper clarity on who is going to be managing your social platforms for you, you will be able to better judge the outcome.

We offer exclusive SMO services that help in promoting your brand following social media platforms:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

SMO is not just about being present on a particular platform. It aims at getting that presence the desired reach, awareness, engagement and traction.Creating a buzz is much more about the right techniques and tactics that can be used in order for a brand to come into the limelight and be a part of online conversations.

Here is all that we do in order to keep your target audience abreast with all that is happening around your brand.

  • 360 degree Social media services
  • Page Creation
  • Brand positioning
  • Connecting to relevant groups
  • Increase in Fans, Connections, Engagement and Follower

With Elevate Buzz, you can expect impressive and clear interaction with the target group because of which, you can execute compelling strategies for your business. Our highly enthusiastic team offers the best possible solutions to increase your sales and revenue. We are equipped with the latest social media methodologies and technology that keep your competition at bay.

Why Elevate Buzz for SMO?

Over the last few years, Social Media Optimization Services has become one of the most used aspects for building and creating website promotion strategy. We have a dedicated team of professionals that works relentlessly to achieve your objectives on all social media platforms. Besides a team of experts we have hands-on experience with the latest tools and technology which helps us in making the most of our skills and delivering more than expected.

Package Standard Premium Corporate Custom
Social Media Marketing Strategy Development yes yes yes yes
Profile Creation yes yes yes yes
Custom Landing Page Design no yes yes yes
Business Tabs Creation & Integration no no yes
Posts Per MONTH - management & engagement ( Detail insight report with graphic designed images) 6 8 12 As Needed
Geo Targeted Activity yes yes yes yes
Promoting website/business/page yes yes yes As Needed
Creating paid Ad Campaigns (Spend extra) no yes yes yes
Notify Client with Responses to Comments yes yes yes yes
Lead Generation no yes yes yes
Reusable image from the web to upload monthly 30 45 60 *
Profile Creation yes yes yes yes
Targeted Hashtags yes yes yes yes
Posts Per Week - management & engagement( graphic designed ) 2 4 6 As Needed
Instagram Paid Promotion ( Spend extra) yes yes yes yes
Follow Potential Fans / Followers / Prospects yes yes yes yes
Responding Fresh Followers no no yes yes
Respond to direct messages and mentions no yes yes yes
Any other image provided by the client yes yes yes yes
Profile Creation yes yes yes yes
Relevant groups - interaction/engagement 1 3 5 As Needed
Posting of article summaries in the groups yes yes yes yes
Query response management yes yes yes yes
Videos for submission (videos to be provided by client) per week. 1 2 3 As Needed
Title Creation yes yes yes yes
Descriptor Creation yes yes yes yes
Tag Keywords yes yes yes yes
Thumbnail Selection yes yes yes yes
Account Creation on other Video Sharing Websites (Per week) 3 6 10 As Needed
Video uploading on other Video Sharing Websites ( per week ) 3 6 10 As Needed
Pins posting ( weekly ) 3 5 7 As Needed
Creation of business account yes yes yes yes
Pins paid promotion yes yes yes yes
One tap pins ( spend by client) yes yes yes yes
Twitter page creation yes yes yes yes
Custom twitter theme yes yes yes yes
Profile content writing yes yes yes
Average daily tweets 1 2 3 As Needed
Average daily retweets 1 2 3 As Needed
Relevant hashtags assistance yes yes yes yes
FEES 18k 30k 40k

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